SBL International is an Asset management entity offering flagship FINTECH platforms to manage ‘secured asset portfolios’. Our ‘solutions & services’ are designed to mitigate risk & facilitate a 100% increase in bottom line.


Our Fleet telematics 'Secure ME'​ is specialized system to digitize automotive finance portfolios. It has been built to cut down losses massively, with built in early warning indicators, provide full control on assets/vehicles and facilitate business expansion in SME Fleets.


‘Evaluate’ is our mortgage desktop evaluators just a click solution to provide a crisp one-pager report that’s ‘just about right’ whether its mortgage pre-approvals or an ongoing real estate property assessments. 


Auto Asset Management, Fleet Telematics supports strong contribution to group revenues, provide us with the perfect opportunity to trail bleeding-edge technologies and new methods of customer engagement that can then be rolled-out to our partners.


Think Big | Start Small | Act Fast

WE also provide host of Services which you will be pleased with in due course along with our base products:


SBL Secure ME

We build a secure platform by managing capital risk, monetary savings, protecting assets & enhanced mobility.

A revolutionary platform to digitalize your asset portfolios!



SBL Evaluate

Data rich Mortgage accelerators to provide faster evaluations for this non-movable secured assets for Banks & Real Estates at large. Get prepared for fater turn arounds.

SBL Source

SBL being the subject matter expert, we integrate our selves with the industry.‘Banking, Automotive or Insurance management personnel’. We give you the best for you to be the best!

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