A Team of experienced Bankers,  Transportation IT experts,  Automotive industry authority & Insurers with UAE experience with national and international exposure to complete the circle of security. Experience spans over all stages of portfolios to form secure platform for automotive business to operate internationally with the single aim of profit maximization. SBL International is an extension (subsidiary) of 'Park Investments Group of companies'​, formed primarily to offer systematic mangement of asset backed finance and insurance portfolios. 


We have successfully managed to put together a business model to connect the automotive industry in this market. The platform offers the capability to digitize the portfolio.  

The team currently offers its collective services to financial institutions in order to assist their helm master increase profits by;


1- lower acquisition costs

2- improved collections to reduce flow to NPLs

3- enlarged customer base

4- remarkable increase in bottomline/net profits

Since our inception in 2005 as Park Int'l Investments, we’ve grown into a diverse group of companies that covers the full spectrum of Individual Retailing needs. Sbl international has been recently formed to have a specialize window to offer Asset management products and services additional to our collection & credit services. Our secure asset management business model is positioned to be offered primarily to Financial institutions, Automotive industry & Insurers .


The group of companies can work as stand alone or as a combined force to offer our partners end-to-end solutions. We have a stable of proprietary brands across the Middle east region.

Our services at a glance:

  1. Secure Asset management Control systems
  2. Managing Capital Risk & Protecting Assets 
  3. Blanket- Takaful/conventional Insurance & Re-assurance
  4. Media & Marketing Mercury est. since 2005
  5. Source- Staffing, training, development & Financial consultancy.









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