Asset Management and Control System:

Bussiness Support

Create a market leading differentiator that can increase acquisition rates. Substantial increase in volumes for secured business that is made truly secure. Create new Auto finance offering, we can assist with our add-ons. Diversify in the type of offerings; Start leasing or financing assets that were difficult to trace or control Bikes, boats or Machinery equipment's.

Credit & Collection Support

Cut the non starter loans to virtually zero. Minimize the flows to and from bucket one to three, reducing NPLs significantly. Control the use of the asset on payment defaults. Locate and repossess asset whilst it is in running order and carries market value instead of residual value. Significantly cut HR cost of collections and the issues that come with it.


We offer you the ability to :

Safely immobilize the asset. Locate the asset and repossess it with the assistance of the authorities. Start leasing or financing assets that were difficult to trace or control. Initiate new auto finance offerings for individuals or companies.

Safely Immobilize the Asset

Safely immobilize the asset for which you have not received a payment for, through a 'human supervised' but completely rules based system controlled through UK. The asset can only be used on receipt of payment. By basing the system outside the country we neutralize any undue pressure on the individuals to release an asset without payment.

Locate the Asset and Repossess

SBL, with the assistance of the authorities, facilitates to locate and repossess the vehicle. Again as the ability to track resides with us, as an dependent entity, it can be completely fire walled from any type of misuse, Only your authorized personnel can request for a location.

Start Leasing or Financing Assets

Mobility Assets, that were difficult to trace or control earlier e.g. Construction Equipment, Earthmoving Equipment,

Boats, Transportation Vehicles & more. Our Geo Fencing ability will restrict the operation of the equipment in the area designated through your finance agreement. The asset will be immobilized as it crosses the designated area without your prior approval. Note: The approval can be managed systematically

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