Auto Finance by far is the first business retail banks were involved with!

Nothing much has changed in the last thirty years in either the business acquisition model or portfolio management except:


  1. Margins have become wafer thin with dropped pricing
  2. Fewer customers qualify on the revised regulations  
  3. Customer acquisition cost is higher than ever as cost of hiring goes up
  4. Customer protection laws makes it difficult to take legal action
  5. exposure per customer has doubled over these years outstripping inflation 
  6. FI's have failed to leverage technological advancements. 

Strategic Partnership

In addition to the Auto Finance Business, SBL International strategic partnership with a UK based company. We are in a position to offer the latest and significantly tested Physical Asset Management and Control Systems that can work with multiple approved Tracking Devices.


This system is being successfully run by  leasing companies, large fleet owners e.g. huge retailers, Taxies and Railway company.


SBL Secure ME Fin tech Platforms

Is an interesting Digital innovation in the automotive finance industry

Automotive as we all recognize is a huge retail segment in the market(moving away from the usual repeated payments technology)

The system designed to secure assets and build profitability, an Independently managed digital platform, Fintech in true sense.

Confidently, this piece of innovation sets the stage in the retail banking for enormous growth venues

Online Portal

  • Control of your fleet is available at your fingertips on-line 24hrs a day through our on-line system.
  • See where your vehicles are, and where they’ve been in real time.
  • See how your vehicles are being driven.
  • Run reports and league tables on driver behaviour, fuel usage, and real time running costs.
  • Download reports or schedule reports to be emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Summary of Features

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