SBL being the subject matter expert, we integrate ourselves with the industry.

Thus, our moto is to manage 'HAPPY'

The industry we dwell in is our responsibility; we strive for growth, we manage security,

we create opportunities, we deliver profits.

Hence we place leaders for you to lead!


We move a step ahead with you. Join our hunt for leaders! Give us the opportunity to assist you in your critical staff placements.

‘Banking / Finance, Automotive or Insurance, management personnel’. We give you the best for you to be the best!

Let us manage your resourcing needs, specialty is lead staff – Supervisors/Managers, Mid management, Senior management & Executives.


Policy/ Process & Change Management

Our team brings about a paradigm shift in your business performance.

We analyze; spot potential process tweaking, omit un-productive methods and capacity

Lay down improvement plans, procedural re-engineering, flow-charts.

Formulate policies, business strategy, process mapping &
recommend organizational re-structuring.

We implement CHANGE!


Training & Development

We offer critical training progams on overall Consumer Business, Products, Credit Policies & Procedures.

to put it simple; the business leaders develop programs, the front staff apply the programs. In actual, there's a Gap in what is developed and what is applied.



“Training is expensive, but without training it is more expensive!”


Financial Consultancy


Specialise in Personal and Business Wealth Management, financial solutions to meet the needs of the International market. We provide the expertise and resources that your wealth deserves. Our approach is traditionally conservative, focusing on a strong balance between opportunity and risk, yet always seeking to enhance performance.

Credit & Collection

SBL is a new company on the debt collection scene.  We are not out to make lavish predictions or to use buzz words that either confuse you or excite you – we are here to help you and make what is generally a stressful subject as manageable and as seamless process as possible.


Mercury Media & Marketing

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

                                      Steuart Henderson Britt

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